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Smart Guard access control system


This SMARTGUARDair is a wireless model making it easy

to install. It operates on two AA alkaline batteries which

provides up to two years of batery life. With up to 300

operations per day!!


  * Selectively Add and Delete codes

  * SMARTGUARDair allows activation for 15 devices

  * Reliable memory Backup

  * Secure inside and out

  * Wireless convenience 





Network proximity Access control


Up to a 1000 tags can be learned into the system allocated

 into 1000 separately identifiable groups known as


The tags are based on the latest 13.56mHz RFID  technology

 which is becoming a world standard . This technology offer tags

which are cost effective, have good read range and reliability.


The zap Tag fits neatly onto a key ring.








Trapex Barrier Fence 


The trapax barrier fence is robust and effective barrier

designed to prevent pedestrians from circumventing

the sector vehicle access control system. The robust

materials and clever industrial design ensure that it

works day in and day out.






Slim-line Manual Barrier


The centinel manual barrier, by incorporating an

internal spring balance mechanism, has achieved

a compact slim line appearance, Its design is

constructed to be strong and durable. It's

also fitted with a convenient thumbwheel

which is used to secure the pole horizontal

and verticle.





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