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CCTV, Electric Fence, Gates And Garages Automation, Intercoms, Fire & Alarms systems, Access Controls

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Our  technicians specializes in installments of alarms, all maintenance of gates motors and alarm systems. Our aim is to provide the best Service to our clients :



* Burglar alarms

* Video alarms

* Covert / overt digital CCTV intallation

* Electric fencing

* Gate automation

* Perimeter beam / Outdoor Passives

* Intercom systems

* Access control systems

* Offsite remote monitoring

* IT support



We offer a 24 Hour armed response where we have trained officers

that is connected to our 24 Hour control room  to ensure quick response to an emergancy....




    Our system offers:


       * Video alarm monitoring

       * SMS facility

       * All opening and closing recorded

       * All incomming and outgoing  telephone calls recorded

       * Immediate availability of printouts of sequence of events

          following any alarm activation on request of a client.

       * Insurance approved control room and reaction services.

       * Maintenance of alarms systems and camera systems




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